Pomadent Dental Clinic

Frequently asked questions

Which doctor will treat me?

Almost everyone has their own favorite dentist whom they trust and who already knows all their troubles. Usually, the treatments will be done by your own doctor.

Still, in some cases, you may be treated by another doctor at our clinic. This can happen in the following cases: you need specialist treatment (microscopic root canal treatment, oral surgery) - in which case you will schedule an appointment together with your doctor.

You can also end up with another doctor if you come to our clinic for emergency treatment: in this case, our resident doctor will solve your urgency, preferably on the same day. After resolving the pain, you can, of course, make an appointment with your usual doctor to continue the dental work.

A third case where you may see another doctor is when a very simple, routine treatment needs to be done, such as tartar removal or small fillings, which is not worth waiting a long time for your own doctor.

Will my treatment be painful?

All treatments, where appropriate, are performed under local anesthesia, so you will not feel any pain during the treatments. We use several types of anesthetics that provide complete pain relief.

To prevent possible pain after treatment, your doctor will prescribe medication or, if necessary, make a protective crown on your tooth to protect it from harmful stimuli.

I can’t afford the price of the treatment. What can I do?

In such cases, discuss the possibility of installment payment with your doctor, or in case of large amounts, you can take out a loan locally at our clinic within the framework of TBI Credit or Transylvania Bank.

If you don’t want to take advantage of these opportunities, our doctors will, of course, take into account your poorer financial circumstances and also offer alternative solutions to solve your dental problems. While these may not be ideal and perfect solutions, they do solve your problems for a while to have an aesthetic and functional smile.

What do I need to know about implantation: will it hurt, can I work on the day of inseration, when will I get a tooth on it?

The implant is a titanium screw that is screwed into the bone using a very easy, routine procedure. Implantation is completely painless procedure, under local anesthesia, in about 20-30 minutes. After the numbness goes away, you will feel as much pain as if you have damaged your gum - this can be treated with mild painkillers. You can work that day without any problems, and unless you have a sinus lift combined with a bone graft, you can also play sports.

Usually (unless an all-on-four technique is used), the patient should wait three months after implantation for the bone to grow around the implant. Until then, the implant "rests" invisibly under the gum. After this healing period expires, we screw the crown onto the implant, like it were an ikea furniture.

My tooth hurts terribly, what should I do?

Unfortunately, severe, torturous toothache usually indicates problems that cannot be resolved without dental intervention.

If your tooth hurts when it is hot and bitten, the pain intensifies at night and you even get throbbing pain, it means a purulent tooth – the treatment should not be delayed. Please call our receptionists for an appointment as soon as possible so that you do not have unbearable pain.

If it hurts to cold and sweet, it usually means a carious tooth. This is a moderate degree of urgency, but once it is painful, do not delay the medical intervention much so that the nerve in the tooth does not die, because then it will become purulent.

It may be that only the gum is inflamed or that a tooth is in the process of eruption - these can be treated easily, often without any kind of intervention, but for safety reasons it is worth asking our receptionists for an appointment.

I need urgent dental care, what should I do?

As a first step, be sure to contact our receptionists. Our clinic receives patients every weekday, but prior appointment is absolutely necessary.

Due to the high demand for emergency dental care, we have booked an appointment every day for emergencies - these will be handled by our resident dentist so that our patients (and not only) do not suffer until they are treated by their usual treating physician.