Philips Zoom whitening lamp

Teeth whitening is becoming increasingly popular, since a beautiful smile is important to each of us. There are different kind of whitening techniques available, with different prices, but not all of them are the same. The most spectacular and dependable system is the Philips Zoom, also used by us, which gives patients a bright smile in 45 minutes under the supervision of the dentist. Not accidentally, this is the most wanted whitening system, not only in USA, but also in Europe, due to it's great results, safety and lasting effects.

Vita Easyshade

Our new Vita Easyshade is a state-of-the-art digital colour determination instrument, which determines perfectly the colour of the teeth, not depending on lighting or individual eyesight – thus making colour determination easy for the dentist and technician alike.

Digital camera to document the color and shape of teeth

Our digital camera, equipped with special flashes, is a huge help for us to document the color, texture and shape of the tooth and to pass this information to the dental technician. Without it, the technician would not be able to see the real teeth in his mouth and would not be able to do exactly digital smile design.