Pomadent Dental Clinic


Dental Treatment Prices

Why are we so cheap?

– We are not greedy, therefore we do not pump up prices just because patients come from Western Europe, USA, Canada or Australia, we offer the same local prices for everyone.
– We do not employ a local agent in target countries like other dental clinics, therefore prices fall 20-30% more, since we eliminate the agents’ share of the treatment price.
– We do not spend a lot of money on advertising, news of our good quality spreads through word of mouth with our happy patients – the money saved helps treatment prices stay low.
– We use the same or better materials as in Western European countries, so these cost the same, but the workforce is much cheaper in Romania compared to other countries.

We do not have any hidden costs, prices include specialist advice, anaesthesia, crown cementation, surgical suture application, suture removal and all other auxiliary treatments needed.

All of these factors make Transylvania and our clinic ideal for getting a wonderful smile while paying much less than at local clinics or other dental tourism destinations.


Digital Panoramic X-ray16€
Digital Retroalveolar X-ray8€
Face Bow Registration13€

Restorative Dentistry

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown124€
E.max Full Porcelain Crown195€
Zirconium Full Porcelain Crown195€
E.max Porcelain Veneer199€
E.max Porcelain Inlay152€
Porcelain reparation53€
Acrylic Temporary Crown10€
Long Term Composite Temporary Crown20€
Aesthetic Shoulder PorcelainFree
Crown Removal13€

Conservative Dentistry

Composite Filling 1 surface34€
Composite Filling 2 or more surfaces48€
Glassionomer Cement Filling21€
Glass Fibre Post/Core74€

Oral Surgery / Implantology

Bego Semados (Germany) Implant355€
Implant Abutment234€
Locator Abutment for Implant308€
Artificial Bone Addition155€
Sinus Lift with Bone Addition370€
Tooth Extraction13-33€
Surgical Tooth Extraction75€
Tooth Resection116€
Treatment of Alveolitis10€

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment (general dentist)56-76€
Root Canal Treatment (dental specialist, with microscope)66-176€
Old Root Canal Filling Removal25€


Denture Upper or Lower (complete with teeth)268€
Temporary Acrylic Denture86-111€
Denture with Metal Frame392€
Denture with Precision System (Ot-Cap, Dolder)581€
Denture Reline/Rebase125€

Laser treatments

Periodontal treatment with laser – half arch105€
Teeth whitening with laser224€
Treatment of cervical tooth sensitivity with laser25€
Treatment of aphthous and herpetic ulcers25€
Decontamination with laser42€