Pomadent Dental Clinic

Clinical Cases

Covering of fragmented, discoloured teeth with zirconium crowns

Problem: broken, old fillings and discolored teeth

Solution: the teeth were covered with zirconium crowns to restore aesthetics and function

Treatment duration: 2 weeks

Solution of upper discoloured teeth with gap between them with zirconium bridge

Problem: Strikingly yellow teeth, with a large gap between the incisions

Solution: covering the upper dental arch with a zirconium bridge, improving the colour and closing the gap

Treatment duration: 2 weeks

Complete restoration using porcelain-fused-to-metal bridges

Problem: congested and broken teeth with an old and ugly crown

Solution: removal of the old crown, resolving the tooth fragmentation, unfavourable direction and bad colour with the help of upper and lower porcelain-fused-to-metal bridges

Treatment duration: 2 weeks

Solving congested teeth with zirconium crowns

Problem: congested front teeth that the patient did not want to solve with orthodontics due to lack of time

Solution: the teeth between the two upper canines were covered with zirconium crowns, so we could set the right direction

Treatment duration: 2 weeks

Replacement of old worn bridges with porcelain-fused-to-metal bridge

Problem: old, worn metal-acrylate bridge and inflamed gingiva due to it

Solution: we replaced the old bridges with a new porcelain-fused-to-metal bridge. Due to the shoulder preparation, the inflammation also disappeared

Treatment duration: 2 weeks

Front teeth restored with zirconium crowns

Problem: discoloured, fragmented incisors with old fillings

Solution: the four incisors were covered with durable and aesthetic zirconium crowns, restoring the desired shape and colour

Treatment duration: 2 weeks

Changing of old veneers to e.max crowns and new veneers

Problem: discoloured, old veneers on the two upper incisive teeth

Solution: We replaced the two veneers with full porcelain, emax crowns

Duration of treatment: 2 weeks

Covering of discoloured teeth with e.max metal-free crowns

Problem: discoloured teeth due to old fillings and root canal fillings, inflamed gingiva

Solution: we covered the four upper incisors with zirconium crowns to achieve a uniform color and shape. Because of the shoulder preparation of the teeth, the gum became inflammation-free

Treatment duration: 2 weeks