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Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is a time-consuming and attention-demanding process, but the end result compensates for all the challenges, as a properly aligned and well-functioning dentition is aesthetic, healthy, and boosts self-confidence. 

The benefits of orthodontics compensate for your patience:

  • Achieving a regular and aesthetic smile does not require the grinding or sacrificing of existing teeth.
  • Better oral hygiene can prevent the rapid deterioration and loss of teeth.
  • Low self-esteem stemming from an irregular smile can be avoided or eliminated.
  • Bite irregularities, such as problems with the alignment of the lower and upper teeth, can be avoided or corrected.
  • Temporomandibular joint problems can be avoided or resolved.
  • Orthodontics can also help with speech disorders caused by tooth position.
  • Preventing gum disease due to tooth crowding and cleaning difficulties is possible.
  • Treatment is a good investment since it is cheaper and less invasive than later tooth replacement with implants or bridges.

There can be several causes for an irregular smile, including:

  • Inheritance: genetic factors that we cannot influence.
  • Anatomical reasons, such as the bad habit of breathing through the mouth instead of the nose in children.
  • Mechanical impacts: teeth can be affected by forces that affect their position, such as children pushing their teeth with their tongue or prolonged thumb-sucking.

It is advisable to start orthodontic treatment in childhood, but the treatment can be equally effective for adults, achieving impressive results both aesthetically and functionally.

You may come across the following types of orthodontic devices:

  • Removable orthodontic devices:

In childhood, these devices can be used to correct problems that may be more difficult or require surgery later on. Patients like them because they can easily remove them when necessary, without bothering them during social events, meals, etc. Of course, the more frequently the patient wears them, the faster the process will be, and the more effective the treatment.

  •  Fixed orthodontic devices:

The fixed orthodontic device is worn continuously during treatment. The significant advantage of this type of device is that the result is predictable and precise. 

  • Invisible orthodontics:

Invisible orthodontics can be achieved using a special transparent aligner that is practically invisible with proper cleaning.

The process of orthodontic treatment:

  1. Consultation: During the consultation, our specialist will determine whether orthodontics is needed at all, discuss the patient's needs and future expectations. Afterward, a panoramic X-ray will be taken, photographs of the face and dentition will be taken from all angles, and impressions will be made for casting plaster models. These are essential for subsequent measurements and planning.
  2. Presentation of a personalized treatment plan/plans: Our specialist will analyze the collected information, take measurements, and plan the force, direction, and options necessary to move the teeth, as well as their financial implications. These details will be discussed with the patient at the next appointment.
  3. If the patient accepts the proposal, an appointment will be scheduled to start treatment.
  4. If fillings, tartar removal, or tooth extractions are necessary before orthodontic treatment, our specialist will schedule these procedures with colleagues.
  5. The specialist will place the brackets/rings on the teeth, attach the archwire, and provide instructions on oral hygiene.
  6. During regular control visits at predetermined intervals, the specialist will make minor adjustments to the orthodontic device to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  7. At the end of orthodontic treatment, the orthodontic device will be removed. If necessary, a retaining wire will be applied to prevent the teeth from returning to their irregular positions.

Orthodontic treatment should be seen as a long-term investment in oral health. It can improve oral hygiene, reducing the risk of dental decay, gum inflammation, and early tooth loss, which can lead to future dental savings.

For a specialist consultation, please call Dr. Julia Albert, our orthodontist, at 0365882220 or 0771130494.