Pomadent Dental Clinic

Laser treatments

Periodontal treatment with laser

More and more patients, especially those over 30, are experiencing a dental disease called periodontitis. Periodontitis is a disease of the gums and supporting tissue of the teeth, caused by the accumulation of pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity, which in the long run leads to mobility and loss of teeth. This dental disease is slowed down or completely cured by our specialist with the help of dental laser, which removes pathogenic bacteria from the periodontal pocket. The treatment is minimally invasive, painless and with fast and long-term results.

Treatment of aphthous lesions and oral herpes

Aphthous lesions are very common in the population. Tiny blisters or sores appear primarily on the mucous membranes, the inside of the mouth, but can also occur on the tongue, face, throat, or palate. However, these seemingly innocuous small lesions can cause extremely unpleasant symptoms and can also make everyday activities such as eating and drinking, talking, and smiling painful. One of the biggest benefits of a dental laser is that it helps kill bacteria in the oral cavity, gums, and teeth without damaging healthy tissues. This beneficial effect is also used in the treatment of aphthous lesions. During the laser treatment, we immediately make the small blisters painless, disinfect the epithelial surface and we can also reduce the inflammation. Thanks to the biostimulatory effect of the lasers, wound healing is also accelerated, and the epithelial injury regenerates within a few days without leaving a scar.

Pain treatment with laser

The reduction of pain in the head and face region can be accelerated with the help of a laser. The laser beam stimulates the body's ability to heal itself, the cells and tissues can regenerate faster. It accelerates oxygen supply, blood vessel regeneration, improves cell-level energy turnover and antibody production. In dentistry, it can be used to treat jaw joint pain, neuralgia and local inflammations (such as sinusitis, otitis media, etc.).

Teeth whitening with laser

While home-whitening kits or less modern procedures can only whiten a few shades of colour, laser teeth whitening can lighten up to ten shades of tooth colour. Unlike many whitening methods, laser teeth whitening does not damage the tooth enamel and the whitening process is not accompanied by pain.