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A clinic for every need.

In 1992, when our modest little dental practice was founded, Dr. Antal Pongrácz, was already dreaming of a dental clinic, but at that time it seemed unthinkable. So putting this dream aside, our small team focused on the quality of dental treatments, which has stood its ground compared to any dental clinic.

After the departure of Dr. Antal Pongrácz, in 2008, Dr. Mátyás Pongrácz took over the management of the practice, with the faithful support of Dr. Gábor Vitos, and we managed to grow slowly into a larger practice, based on quality of our treatments. The clinic’s dream was still alive, but it was still just a dream.

In 2011, with the support of Dr. Gábor Vitos, Dr. Mátyás Pongrácz moved to Budapest for study purposes and started working at the number one dental tourism clinic in Europe, Kreativ Dental. Here, in addition to learning the profession from world-class specialists, he also gained insight into the operation of a clinic.

After returning home, with the support of our staff, we embarked on a purposeful construction project, for which we collected material and intellectual ingredients, ideas and opinions for years.

After many months of joint planning and conversation with architect and interior designer Timea Paál, our current clinic was developed, which was built specifically for our needs and all its parts were carefully put in place.

After a stressful year, using all material backgrounds, with the support of relatives and selling our old building in advance, we managed to complete the new building, half a year before the planned opening.

Many good friends came to the opening and our team cut the red ribbon together. As a good friend said, such a clinic is not made big by the building, but by the people who work in it. Fortunately, our team is a cohesive, great team who appreciate and enjoy the new opportunities the clinic has provided.

Inside our clinic there are five treatment rooms, a dental laboratory, staff kitchen, changing rooms, staff and client restrooms (including for the disabled), lecture hall, X-ray and CT room, photo room, sterilization room, warehouses, offices and server room.

The good operation of the clinic is ensured by our maintenance man, Lehel Koszta, who checks the operation of and lubricates all machines in the morning before the dentists arrive.

In 2020, our clinic also opened an outdoor waiting room in the garden, where our patients can wait for treatment under a sunshade, in a pleasant environment if they do not want to sit inside.

When building the clinic, we also thought about sustainability, both in terms of minimizing heat loss and the efficiency of LED lamps.

In the near future we will cover the top of the clinic with solar panels to draw as little as possible from mains electricity.

Our team also makes sure to produce as little garbage as possible while complying with the law and sterility – which is not an easy task with so many restrictions, but we have managed to replace our plastic cups with paper ones and our disposable gowns with washable / sterilizable ones. The bureaucracy that required a lot of paper and plastic has been largely digitized, as has much of the procedures required for treatments.

2020 was a year of safety, when we equipped our clinic with better-than-necessary equipment designed to provide the best possible protection for patients and staff against all infections. 2021 is the year of digitalization, which brings new investments and as a result we are waiting for our patients with new services.

Building the clinic was not an end in itself, just a big leap on the path to development that provides new opportunities for our team. We will always try to keep up with the technology of the future and even one step ahead when possible – this will be reflected in the changes in the clinic. The adventure now really begins 🙂

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