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Vásárhelyi Forgatag

Time: End of August
Location: Tîrgu Mureş
Attraction: concerts, artisan shops, family programs, dance presentations.

Székely Vágta

Time: End of July
Location: Sfântu Gheorghe (175km from Tîrgu Mureş)
Attraction: Horse archer championship, Hungarian Hussar dances and songs, artisan shops.

Critical Mass

Time: End of April, end of September
Location: Tîrgu Mureş
Attraction: old and young ride the bycicle together through town.

Hot Air Balloon Festival

Time: End of September
Location: Câmpul Cetăţii (43km from Tîrgu Mureş)
Attraction: watch and fly on hot air balloons, eat and mingle with the locals.

Electric Castle

Time: End of June
Location: Bonchida, Banffy Castle (98km from Tîrgu Mureş)
Attraction: The largest music festival in Romania, taking electronic dance music and live concert to a castle’s domain.

Night of the Museums

Time: May
Location: Tîrgu Mureş
Attraction: Museums open during day and night, offering special exhibitions and different activities.