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Our team of specialist doctors offer the best services in Aesthetic Oral Rehabilitation, Implantology, Oral Surgery and Endodontics. From a simple oral hygienic treatment to a demanding total oral rehabilitation, all procedures are performed with precision, in the most effective and least invasive way possible.
State-of-the-art instruments
Due to our continued development, we are always up-to-date and therefore only work with the newest and best instruments available, to ensure better, faster and simpler solutions to all kinds of dental problems, paying regard to our patients’ comfort and well-being.
Dental Team
The specialist doctors and assistants of Pomadent Clinic, during the many years spent together working and learning, have become a well-working team, who consider it their vocation to help their patients with their health and aesthetic problems, using the best techniques and materials.

“I am very satisfied with the final results, which just got cemented in my mouth. I needed a few implants in my upper jaw, which was surprisingly simple, no pain at all, totally not what I expected, it was a pleasant surprise. After waiting 3 months, I finally got my crowns on top of the implants, they look amazing, I am very happy. I will definitely recommend this clinic to all my friends. The prices are less than half of what I am used to, the quality even better and they were very helpful with arranging the trip, making everything extremely simple and smooth. Thank you again!”
Jessica, UK
“My dental state was in a critical situation before attending Pomadent Clinic. Work performed: 5 dental implants including a front teeth, 4 crowns, fixed all fillings and dental cleaning. I travelled from Australia 3 years in a row to complete all the work, filling all gaps with dental implants where missing and fixing decay and cleaning where applicable. I am 57 years old. All work performed is at professional level at a very high quality and high standards. No more problems with any of my teeth. No more pain. I feel like I am 16 again with all my teeth. I recommend Pomadent to any one with dental problems. I visited here in Australia several dental clinics and none of them provided as good service as Pomadent.”
Liviu, Australia
“I was extremely pleased with the treatment I got at this clinic. The staff was very friendly and helpful, the doctor who treated me explained everything in detail and I felt very safe during the whole treatment. Their professionalism is to be commended. I would recommend this dental clinic to anyone, the ceramic teeth they did for me are absolutely wonderful.”
Thomas, UK
“I am very pleased with every experience and treatment I received at Pomadent. I can characterize it with 3 words: professionalism, fair play, promptness. Thank you again!”
Katalin, Romania
“Before I went to the clinic and met my doctor, I was really afraid of everything related to dentistry, but from the first treatment I felt safe and calm, with no pain at all. It really was a life changing experience, got a new smile! I have done e.max crowns and fillings. Great, professional team, working together fast and efficient. Everything was explained, excellent communication, and care! Highly recommend, I am very satisfied! Pomadent Clinic is in the very beautiful town of Tîrgu Mureş, with plenty to discover!”
Aleksandra, UK
“Best experience I have ever had in a dental clinic. Top end treatment and low prices for services received. Very professional office, equipment and staff.”
Roger, USA
Placing high value on the education of our staff as well as our collagues and future generations of doctors, we publish dental books and manuals for the benefit of the dental community and the patients.
Our staff has been providing free of charge dental assistance to the wonderful little patients residing in “Lidia Children’s Home” since 1995.