Pomadent Dental Clinic


Dr. Markovics Emese

Dental Specialist: Oral Rehabilitation, University Lecturer, PhD

Specialities: Prosthodontics (crowns, bridges), Dental Conservation (fillings, inlays), Removable dentures.

Dr. Markovics completed her dental degree at the Neumarkt Medical and Pharmaceutical University in 2003 and started training as a university lecturer the following year. She became Dento-Alveolar resident doctor in 2005 and worked as a University Instructor 2007-2013. She finished her PhD in Prosthodontics and became a University Lecturer in 2011.

Meanwhile she also practiced dentistry in Dr. Drasoveanu private dental clinic before joining the Pomadent team in 2015 as the first female doctor, to the joy of many patients.

Besides her extensive theoretical knowledge and expertise Dr. Markovics is infused with a passion for her profession and an empathy rarely seen these days.