Dr. Vitos Fruzsina
Endodontist, Conservative Dentist, Pedodontist
Specialities: Endodontics (root canal fillings), Dental Conservation (fillings, inlays), Professional hygiene and Whitening, Pedodontics (children's dental care).

Daughter of Dr. Vitos Gábor, who didn’t get her dental skills merely through genetics, but also through a lot of learning. Naturally, she has been one of the best students during university years, her practical studies have been done much before graduating. She graduated from the Neumarkt Medical and Pharmaceutical University in 2016 and officially joined our team in 2017.

Her kindness and permanent cheerfulness drives away every negative sensation of even the most scared patient and her collagues are glad to receive her youthful vigor. Despite her young age, while working she is very calm, persistent, patient and precise, which makes her the ideal candidate for time-consuming precise works such as root canal fillings, aesthetic restorations and paediatric patients.

Dr. Vitos Fruzsina attended the Competence in Aesthetics Congress in Vienna, Austria in 2015, and has deepened her knowledge in aesthetic restorations in prestigious dental clinics in Budapest, Hungary.

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