Dr. Pongrácz Mária
Certified Guide

Dr. Pongrácz Mária graduated in 1976 from the Neumarkt Medical and Pharmaceutical University, becoming Chief Medical Doctor in 1985. Between 1978-1997 she worked as a General Practitioner in Tg- Mures, Romania. In 1997, she became a General Manager for the Romanian branch of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma. She has returned to the medical profession in 2000.
Dr. Pongrácz had a rich track record of international volunteering (Medical Volunteer in the DR Congo program in 2009 followed by two experiences in the Central African Republic in 2010 and in the Ivory Coast in 2011working with the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) organization. In 2012 she published a book about her African experience and the hardships of the population she witnessed. After retirement, she has picked up studies again, this time becoming a EU Certified Tourist Guide in Budapest, Hungary in 2015. Her kind nature and experience with helping people around the globe over the years, paired with an extensive knowledge of Transylvanian history and culture, make her the ideal tourist guide anyone would dream to have. She speaks fluent Hungarian, English, Romanian, German and French.

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