High Tech Instruments

Dental loupe
Because of the high precision work being done in our dentistry we work under the magnification of dental loupe – this way not a single detail can escape our attention. It is extremely important when preparing the teeth for dental crowns or bridges, this making the fit absolutely perfect.

Kodak 9000 digital panoramic X-ray
Our digital panoramic X-ray machine is one of the best on the market, giving high resolution digital images of the whole of the mouth, while using only a fraction of the radiation used by conventional panoramic X-ray machines, limiting harmful effects on the patients and dentists as well. It is one of the best available diagnostic tools, which must be used before treatments for a complete overview of the underlying bone structure and the roots of the teeth.

Kodak 2200 digital retroalveolar X-ray
The retroalveolar X-ray gives a precise image of one or two teeth, providing a great diagnostic tool, also it is used in root canal treatment procedures, when we can determine the exact length of the root canal and double check the correctness of the filling made. Since it is digital, the radiation dose is minimal, and the digital image can be manipulated as to give the best contrast for better diagnostic purposes.

Amann Girbach facebow and articulator
Because each person closes his/her mouth in a different way, it is impossible to produce perfect crowns/bridges in an articulator (jaw-simulating device) set to standard values. That is why, when we decide to make extensive restorations in a patients mouth, we measure the individual values of each patient in order to manufacture perfect restorations.

Morita endodontic system
Japan-manufactured endodontic system which not only automatically drills the root canals, adjusting itself according to the situation encountered, but also provides a visual aid to the dentist with its incorporated apex locator, thus making possible the making of the most precise root canal filling.

Impression materials
No matter how precisely a dentist works if this information does not reach the dental technician. For this reason we do invest in the best impression materials, giving extremely accurate results, allowing the dental technician to work on an exact duplicate of the patients' teeth.

Drills, diamond burs
The good quality of dental burs allow for a precise preparation of the teeth and protect the tissues as well. The over-used dental burs lose their diamond coating, thus not cutting as well as they should, harming not only the accuracy of the work done, but they also overheat the teeth or bone, causing irreversible damage. That is why we only chose the best quality burs and strictly use them for a limited time.