Our dentisty is rated gold on Global Clinic Rating, outstanding on Whatclinic, and received five star independent ratings from patients on Dentaldepartures and Medbeaver.

“Best experience I have ever had in a dental clinic. Top end treatment and low prices for services received. Very professional office, equipment and staff.”
Roger, USA
“Before I went to the clinic and met my doctor, I was really afraid of everything related to dentistry, but from the first treatment I felt safe and calm, with no pain at all. It really was a life changing experience, got a new smile! I have done e.max crowns and fillings. Great, professional team, working together fast and efficient. Everything was explained, excellent communication, and care! Highly recommend, I am very satisfied! Pomadent Clinic is in the very beautiful town of Tîrgu Mureş, with plenty to discover!”
Aleksandra, UK
“I am very pleased with every experience and treatment I received at Pomadent. I can characterize it with 3 words: professionalism, fair play, promptness. Thank you again!”
Katalin, Romania
“I was extremely pleased with the treatment I got at this clinic. The staff was very friendly and helpful, the doctor who treated me explained everything in detail and I felt very safe during the whole treatment. Their professionalism is to be commended. I would recommend this dental clinic to anyone, the ceramic teeth they did for me are absolutely wonderful.”
Thomas, UK
“My dental state was in a critical situation before attending Pomadent Clinic. Work performed: 5 dental implants including a front teeth, 4 crowns, fixed all fillings and dental cleaning. I travelled from Australia 3 years in a row to complete all the work, filling all gaps with dental implants where missing and fixing decay and cleaning where applicable. I am 57 years old. All work performed is at professional level at a very high quality and high standards. No more problems with any of my teeth. No more pain. I feel like I am 16 again with all my teeth. I recommend Pomadent to any one with dental problems. I visited here in Australia several dental clinics and none of them provided as good service as Pomadent.”
Liviu, Australia
I had two implants and one crown made. Conversations (emails and face to face) with Dr Pongracz were very helpful and interesting. During the whole treatment period, he answered all my questions which was very comforting considering that I have little dental phobia. I went two times to Targu Mures for the treatment. The first was a short visit for a proper scan and to insert the implants, and since I lost the front teeth several years ago due to an accident, Dr Pongracz had to add some additional bones. During the second visit, alongside completing the implant, I also had one crown made for my root canal treated tooth. Being a dentist, Dr Pongracz noticed that I had a cavity and instantly put in a filling. I appreciate the work of Dr Pongracz and his team tremendously, and I would definitely recommend this dental practice. The total cost for the treatment was way less than what I would have to pay back in Norway.
Zul, Norway
I would definitely recommend them especially to anyone from the UK looking for dental treatment on a budget. I was there for 20 crowns and would not have been able to afford it back in Scotland. The treatment took 2 weeks and was well worth the wait. Thank you Pomadent and Dr Gabor for the remarkable work you done with my teeth and for giving me my smile back.
Anonymous, Glasgow
“I am very satisfied with the final results, which just got cemented in my mouth. I needed a few implants in my upper jaw, which was surprisingly simple, no pain at all, totally not what I expected, it was a pleasant surprise. After waiting 3 months, I finally got my crowns on top of the implants, they look amazing, I am very happy. I will definitely recommend this clinic to all my friends. The prices are less than half of what I am used to, the quality even better and they were very helpful with arranging the trip, making everything extremely simple and smooth. Thank you again!”
Jessica, UK
I first contacted Pomadent because I had a broken 3 tooth bridge, that needed replacing. I also had tooth that had a root canal problem, that needed treating and then a new crown attaching. Right from the start, I was in personal email contact personally with Dr. Emese Markovics. The dentist who would be carrying out the procedure, and she not only reassured me about the treatment planned but also the time scale and expected cost. Which as I was travelling 1,200 miles to a country I had not visited before, was something necessary to gain my confidence about my decision. My treatment was organised over an 11 day period, with my initial appointment arranged for the first day. This included dealing at first with my broken bridge and taking impressions for the replacement. The second part of this appointment was dealing with the route canal problem and then fitting a temporary crown and bridge, and then taking impressions for the replacement crown.My second appointment 5 days later was for a checkup and my final appointment on day 10 was for the new bridge and crown to be fitted. The overall procedure in terms of friendliness, professionalism, general care and reassuring advice was second to none. Would strongly recommend this dentist and practice to those that want top class dental work. Regards Graham Smith.
Graham, UK